Pandan is a completely renewable resource. Harvested by hand in a manner which does not destroy the plant, pandan leaves will continue to grow indefinitely. The raw material utilized in our pandan production is purchased in woven sheets from numerous villages in west and central Java. Via Motif has been working with many of the same suppliers for close to a dozen years. Our policies are to pay fair market price for all pandan purchased, and to accept all materials produced that meet our strict quality standards.

All colors except natural, involve treating the pandan with Swiss textile dyes. Our conclusion after extensive research is that we have identified the most stable and colorfast formulation possible to dye the raw material. We neutralize our waste water by filtration through 3 separate tanks, and treatment with a calcium sodium compound.


Mendong is a planted and harvested grass that grows in fields and helps to purify ground water. Each harvest can be cut six times prior to replanting. We dye our mendong using the same materials and processes as in our pandan production. Once dyed, the fiber is hand loomed with mono-filament or laminated copper at our factory, where we are best able to control the quality and consistency of weave.


Our Poly Weave collection is made completely of recycled polypropylene straps, which are dyed and hand woven into organic shapes. Using recycled polypropylene is not only more efficient, but also greatly reduces waste output as research shows polypropylene is one of the least recycled post consumer plastics.

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